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How to Reach Us

Emergency Issues

Briarwood Equine Clinic offers emergency care to all established clients on at 24 hour basis every day of the year. Should you encounter an emergency with your horse or face an urgent situation with the need to speak to me, always call the normal phone number for Briarwood which is 650-851-1569. After hearing a short introduction you will be instructed to press 1 for an emergency. Your call will automatically be routed to my personal phone while you are placed on hold. We will be directly connected to discuss your situation. If for any reason I cannot take your call you will be taken to voice mail. Please leave your name, horses's name, phone number, and a brief description of the problem so I may call you back as soon as I am able or when I am alerted by text and email that a message is waiting.

During those times when I am not taking calls such as attendance at a conference or when traveling, you will still be provided with emergency services by Starwood Equine. Our practices share emergencies when needed and I am very confident with the patient care you will receive in my absence. All cases return to my oversight upon my return. There is no need to have a second phone number on file because your calls will automatically be forwarded.

Scheduling an appointment

Routine appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. There are two ways you can schedule a routine appointment:

  1. The best way is to call my office at 650-851-1569 and press option 2 which will take you to voice mail. You may leave a detailed message and your call will be returned within 24 hours.
  2. A second option for scheduling an appointment is to email me at Leave your request along with available times and I will get back in contact with you to schedule.

Note regarding voice mail: Oftentimes clients feel that a situation may not be a true emergency but they are still anxious to consult with me. The best option in this instance is to use Option 1 on the call so we can discuss the problem and get it resolved. For voice mail calls, I do my best to return calls throughout the day between calls or at the end of the day. Some messages left after regular hours may not be returned until the following scheduled day. Emails are often returned the same day.
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We use the same phone number for both emergency and routine calls. So, if you need to call us for any reason, dial 650-851-1569.

Text Messaging

You may send me a text message at 855-229-5961. Text messages are an appropriate way to communicate brief medical questions or requests for an appointment or call back. An effort will be made to respond as soon as possible but if you are facing an emergency with your horse, please use the telephone system and Option 1. If you chose to send a photo, try to include enough of an image to give a clear indication of the problem at hand. Text messaging is not meant to replace a necessary appointment and medical advice will be limited in an appropriate manner. If the texting string becomes excessive, I may advise that a consulting fee will be applied if the texting needs to be continued.

Mailing address

Our mailing address is 2995 Woodside Rd., Suite 400-333, Woodside, CA 94062


You are welcome to send us an email at


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Horses move away from pressure. Therefore, their movements can be controlled by applying pressure with the aids releasing the pressure as a reward when the desirable movement is achieved.

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